Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inspiration: I got a ticket to a new beginning

After a storm

Everything came to silence


The light once again shines 

I got to know my self

Left the old me behind

And decided to take a leap of faith

I got a ticket to a new beginning

And travel to a new life

Now, I  travel  life looking through the binaculars of trust

Free I stand a last 


Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shirt Story

Once upon a time over the life of men, their wardrobe has been characterized by a few main pieces--one of them, the shirt. This versatile yet essential piece of clothing has played a great role in the life of any man. Through history, and with the passage of time, this piece has evolved and undertaken different roles and meanings.
The shirt has never discriminated status, gender or social class. kings, emperors, generals, common people and even peasants have owned at least one. Time and time again history has shown that both women and men alike have worn a shirt. In the 1300’s, the shirt was originally known as "subucula." and everyone used it as modern undergarment of the time. In art and literature, the shirt has always being depicted for both the privileged and the needy. One thing for sure is that the shirt has evolved depending on the trend and the need. This doesn't deny the fact that the shirt's first role was for health reasons. Yet as time went on and without notice in the 1500s, the shirts evolved to a more sophisticated piece when in every outfit, the collar became  the true protagonist. Thus making it the center of attention: from the small flat collars called French to the Italian version that took the form and name of "frill", to the "giorgiera" that required 36 ft of fabric. The possibilities of creating a new shirt every time became endless.
Nonetheless, the shirt was seen just an average piece of clothing. Finally, the shirt won world wide recognition when in 1843 at Montevideo, Italy the famous red shirt of the Garibaldini was born. The shirt success grew and shirt makers began to alter its style according to the occasion: white without a collar and with wide sleeves for the painter, white and at times without a right sleeve for the sword duel, or well hidden under the jacket for pistols. It gained even more popularity in the 20th century with the birth of the American cinema. Pure white shirts with flowing sleeves worn by Rudolph Valentino, the "Oxford" of Humphrey Bogart, the type suited for the hard life of the far west worn on screen by John Wayne, or the super casual Hawaiian shirt worn by Tom Sellek in the T.V. hit series  "Magnum P.I." of the 1980s. 
Yet, the shirt was not completely immortalized until the birth of the "button down," particularly for its undetermined and controversial origin. The most memorable suggests that the founder of this most famous American shirt was inspired in England at a polo match where the players had their collars attached to keep them from flapping in the wind. The more believable version suggests that its anonymous inventor found himself on a pier in the New York harbor during a particularly windy day. Annoyed by his collar blowing in the wind, he attached it at the ends with buttons made of mother of pearl. Whatever its true story, the “button down" is now found in formal settings, with the collar open, in moments of relaxation, and dressed up with a tie or bow tie for important occasions, demonstrating that it is the most versatile leader of the many models of shirts. 
Ultimately, the shirt has been most often a symbol of elegance and refinement but the test of time has immortalized its great prestige for its freedom of expression where anyone can wear it however one pleases. Thus, the shirt is what it is now- a staple item in the closet of today's fashionistas. And now Rui§eñor offers the build up high neck shirt a new and modern approach. This story doesn't end here....It is to be continue by today and tomorrow's innovators.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspiration: Roaring 1920s

 The mull I have been looking over for Fall/Winter 2012....
 Picasso's Guernica
  The boys having fun
Favorite road
Picasso by Ham
The "cool" bathingsuit
Criterion Theather, London: favorite place to hang out
 Golfers-fashionistas of the decade
Charles Lindbergh- Famous for flying across the Atlantic Ocean during the 1920's.

...I think you get the idea... Now back to life....

“I am just a wretched brush and an unworthy canvas in the hands of the greatest artist of all.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

Inner Silence

The noise in the world has increased over the last decade where it has become more difficult to hear the voice within. Computers, smart phones, TV and everything around men have created an overwhelming routine. Thus, it is time to take a break- time out. It is time to turn off those noises and slam on the brakes to life and get connected with the greatest wonders of  oneself—your inner self. Within is where men are able to hear the deepest silence and conceptualize a stronger being.
Out of necessity, men are called to live in a cocoon-like-life where they are taken to a new dimension of calmness as they find that forgotten voice. Though the hectic routine can't be avoided  on a daily basis, once men experience this ‘ahh moment’ they more desire a moment of silence. Thus, once they attain it, they no longer take for granted that state of mind. And so after a long week, they avoid any overwhelming hindrances to inner peace and attempt to find that 'new yet forgotten world' where peace and tranquility can be breathed.  
Ruissenor for the Spring/Summer Season 2012 captures that inner silence and interprets it in a very subtle yet subliminal way where line, shapes and silhouettes become simplistic, emanating a great sense of serenity.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I don't need a manufacturer's license! I just design...

What? A manufacturer License is required even if I am just designing! Well during the LA Textile Show Spring 2012, I found out that even if I only design my clothing line in my studio and nothing else, I still need a manufacturer's license. I investigated further and indeed, the State of California states that anyone involve at any level of the apparel business making, the individual or entity, must have a manufacturer's license. The website gives all the information and provides all the application.  The Apparel Resource, Inc. CEO Randy Youngblood  during the Manufacturing in Los Angeles seminar stated that if a person does not have a license at the moment of an auditing, any finished apparel can and will be confiscated for good.  The license doesn't cost much but there is a $25 fee for a garment examination, which need to be taken before the state issues the license, so this week is time to get on tract and become updated with permits.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thought and Inspiration: Are You Today's Spartan Warrior?

Although the world is surrounded with so much turmoil, there still a need for "a close your eyes for a second and not think about anything moment"-- a pause. It is a time to take control of life and be one with oneself. The possibilities are endless to transform and renewed. There is always opportunity to take the risk and venture to a new path. Even in the middle of difficulty there is always that light that shines at the end of the tunnel-that wonderful word we humans call hope. In this time in age, there is no time to waits. The battle has begun and is not against The 300 Spartan warriors ...No! It's a battle versus oneself to overcome the mundane routine of our daily life. It is a constant struggle to not forget where we come from. It is a life determining point where the crusade with oneself must be fought, but fought well to win and persevere for a better tomorrow--the tomorrow that we wonder if it will come but we trust every night that it will be there when we wake up. SO check your watch and see if it is that time to wonder where you are? Are you in the desert, the beach or the mountain? It is never too late to take the first step of confidence into a new today.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got a Studio!

The other day it was not in my plans to look for a space. I went to the Fashion District to run other errands. But I felt in love with the Apparel Mart Building. The beautiful woodwork and fabulous long halls cover with marble slabs both on the walls and floors, which are very late 1910's architectural features, enticed me. Then, when I saw the space I love it even more and knew it was what I have been looking for. It is a small space but for the mean time it's perfect. I just have to use the organizational skills I have learned throughout the years. Who can beat the fact that I am going to be next door to the Cal Mart and Cooper Building. There is 24h security, great management, friendly environment, and affordable next door parking. To say the least, it is even pet friendly. I have looked several places in the down town area, but none of the places I saw made me want to sign a lease. Because I am just starting, I have a limited budget, so I had to be patient until the right one came my way. Patience paid off. I'm packing now and  in the moving process.